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you can increase your interaction and earnings up to ten times with Core Digital.
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  • TikTok Live Stream Discovery Support

  • Detailed Ban Review

  • Legal Consultancy

  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support

We offer
FREE consultancy
services to our streamers.

We provide tips and information to help you reach larger audiences. By producing content in line with algorithm rules, you can achieve high interactions and increase your earnings up to ten times.

Who are we?

TikTok LIVE Türkiye is one of its first Official Partners.

Our Vision

As the official agency of TikTok LIVE Turkey, we aim to create Turkey’s largest broadcaster community and provide quality service to its publishers by providing reliable service and maximum benefit to publishers, which distinguishes us from other agencies.

Our Mission

Our agency, which was established to benefit broadcasters who broadcast live on TikTok and do not have accurate information about the TikTok algorithm, provides free consultancy services to improve the content and live broadcasts of broadcasters.

Our opinion

By reaching our TikTok representatives 24/7, you can solve the problems you are experiencing and increase your TikTok earnings up to ten times. As the publisher of our agency, we would be happy to have you among us.

What do we do as TikTok Agency?

Exploration Support

We provide tips and information so you can reach larger audiences, and we can explore your live stream and video content.

24/7 WhatsApp Support

Publishers can instantly learn about solutions to the problems they are experiencing and new developments about TikTok from our consultants.

Free Consultancy Service

As Core Dijital, we offer you free consultancy services on Twitch and YouTube, especially TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the official agency of TikTok, we inform our publishers about the TikTok algorithm and make suggestions so that their live broadcasts and the videos they share can reach more people. Our publishers who follow these recommendations can reach more people and increase their earnings. At the same time, we provide discovery support to the videos of regular live broadcasters, ensuring that they are viewed by more people. And we enable you to participate in TikTok’s official events for agency publishers.

Absolutely not. No TikTok Official agency will charge you a fee. Stay away from agencies and people who ask you for a fee to join the agency and tell you that they will throw you big gifts…

Your interaction, followers and indirectly your earnings increase thanks to the live broadcast events officially announced by TikTok for agency publishers and the events that the agency will organize among its own publishers. Thanks to your statistics, we can also offer you special offers from the brands we cooperate with. We provide discover support for the videos and live broadcasts of our publishers who broadcast for at least 7 days and 15 hours every month. You always have a representative you can reach in case of the slightest problem with your account.

In order for the publisher to be included in the agency;

More than 1000 followers and less than 200K followers,
He must not have won $1500 before,
It should not depend on any other agency or its representative,
Your account must be based in Turkey.
NOTE: Application and registration to the agency is completely free of charge.

For the publisher to receive weekly discovery support after joining the agency;

Must broadcast at least 7 days and 15 hours a month,
The duration of the broadcasts opened should be 60 minutes, either in parts throughout the day or as short as 60 minutes at a time.

No, no contract is required. First of all, if you prefer to join our agency as a result of your negotiations with us, you must send us your invitation code. This is a single-use 24 hour code created by TikTok for you to join an agency. By sharing this invitation code with our agency representative, you allow our agency to invite you.

We help our broadcasters who need help with legal information or litigation, against indiscriminate attacks, insults, threats and harassing phone calls on broadcasts and various other nuisances.

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Special Support for Chat and Game Streamers

If you have decided to become a broadcaster, here are the other supports you can receive during your time at the agency so that you can broadcast smoothly;

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